Creating A New Database Using MySql

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Technical
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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a new database using MySql and phpMyAdmin for your local test environment websites. You can use the database for WordPress, phpBB, Mediawiki or anything else you may want to experiment with.

Hopefully you will have already read my tutorial on how to install XAMPP so you need to ensure it is running before you start.


Using your favorite web browser type in http:\\localhost\phpmyadmin and hit enter, you should see the screen below:

On this screen click “Privileges” from the top navigation menu.


Click “New User”, see image below:


Give your database a username, select “Local” from the dropdown menu, choose a password and re-type it.

Ensure that “Create database with same name and grant all privileges” is dotted and then click GO, see image below, areas circled in red:

TIP – make sure you write down the username and password for future reference!!


After the confirmation screen click “Privileges” from the top navigation menu and then click the pencil icon next to the new user/database you have just created, see image below:


Click “Check All” and then click “GO”, see image below:

That’s it, you’re now ready to start using your database!! I hope this helps you get started.

Look out for upcoming tutorials on how to install WordPress, install phpBB, install Mediawiki and more.

  1. Simon Burren says:


    Firstly may I thank you for your excellent little tutorial on creating a database using MySql – it was very clear and I think I would have struggled without it.

    I have a Synology NAS and want to experiment with WordPress so I thought it would be good to set it up on my NAS.

    Fortunately the Synology software has a package for installing PhpMyAdmin which I have done and I then followed your tutorial to set up the database which seemed to work fine.

    Synology also has another package to install wordpress which I have done however at the end of the WordPress download a box appears headed “Enter MySQL password” against the password box it says “enter your MySQL password root password”

    As far as my entire NAS is concerned I have not yest set up any password and the only password I have been asked to set is during the foregoing database new user setup and entering this password does not work. After entering the password it starts to install but then stops with an error message “failed to install – please check your MySql password and try again”

    Any tip you can give would be much appreciated.



  2. emc-squares says:

    Thank you VERY much for your post. It fixed my problem connecting to the database on my localhost, and it seems to me to be a step that was left out of several other tutorials. Very grateful to have found this! Thanks again!

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