Installing WordPress Tutorial

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Technical
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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install WordPress for a local test environment. You can then use this install to experiment with WordPress or have a go at designing your own themes!

For this tutorial you will need to have XAMPP running and also have created a MySql database. If you haven’t already read my previous tutorials you should check out the XAMPP installation and the MySql database set up tutorials.

First thing you’ll need to do, if you haven’t already, is download the latest version of WordPress from the website. A direct link to the download section is here.

Once you have extracted the zip file you will need to copy it in to the htdocs folder in XAMPP  (should be C > xampp > htdocs). If you want you can rename the folder from wordpress to whatever you like, for this tutorial I renamed it “tutorial”, how original!!


Using your favorite web browser type in http:\\localhost\tutorial (change tutorial to whatever the folder is called) and hit enter, you should see the screen below:

Click the button labeled “Create a Configuration File”


The next screen lets you know what information you require, see screen below:

Make sure you have the information from the database you have already set up, i.e. user name and password the click “Lets Go”


Enter the database information in the screen, see below:

If you have followed my tutorial on how to set up a MySql database the database name & user name will be the same. Click “Submit”


If everything went well you should see the screen below:

I’m going to assume (and hope!) that everything worked, so click “Run the Install”


Give your blog a name and insert your e-mail address, see below:

Click “Install WordPress”


WordPress will generate a username and password for you, see below:

Make a careful note of the password, don’t worry about permanently remembering it as you will be able to change it later! Click “Log In” and on the next screen enter the username and password, I’ve not done a screen shot of it as it’s very simple.


That’s it! WordPress is installed and you’re presented with the Dashboard, see below:

Now you are free to play around and experiment with WordPress. Have a go at creating posts and pages, change settings, install themes etc. I hope this helps you get started.

Look out for upcoming tutorials on how to install phpBB, install Mediawiki and more.

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    just awesome…thanks a ton…:)

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